LOK Podcast Episode 6 | Dietary Calcium, Sodium Intake and Kidney Stones - Melanie Betz of TheKidneyDietitian.org






This episode is the second in a two part series where I talked to Melanie Betz, a registered dietitian who is board certified in renal nutrition and works in the nephrology department at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Check out the first episode here!

Melanie is passionate about helping people with kidney stones and Chronic Kidney Disease understand that healthy eating does not have to be complicated and can be delicious! Her research interests include ways to increase patient knowledge and adherence to healthy eating, frailty and ways to reduce risk for poor health outcomes in older adults, and plant-based diets.

In her free time, she enjoys cooking, yoga, wine tasting and cheering on her Michigan State Spartans! She also volunteers with the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois and the Healthy Aging Dietetic Practice Group.

Check out Melanie's blog here or connect with her on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

Melanie and I talked about the effects of dietary calcium on kidney stone formation, as well as the effects of sodium intake.

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[08:30] Importance of dietary calcium for kidney stone prevention
[11:25] Recommended Daily Value (RDV) of calcium
[17:40] How to incorporate dairy into your meals
[19:02] Ricotta, Swiss and fresh mozzarella cheese, and others
[21:52] How to deal with lactose intolerance
[24:01] How dietary sodium affects kidney stone formation
[25:20] Recommended Daily Value (RDV) of sodium
[27:25] Tips for low sodium cooking
[33:04] Tips for eating low sodium meals when you go out to eat
[39:10] Check your nutrition labels!
[41:45] Cranberry juice, urinary tract infections, D-mannose and kidney health



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