Low Oxalate Kitchen Black-Eyed Pea Veggie Burger

I created this recipe so I could stop searching the internet like a crazy person for a veggie burger recipe that was low oxalate, gluten-free, vegan and delicious! It also helps that it doesn't fall apart, or require any weird or unhealthy ingredients to bind it together.

I bought a vegetable chopper and a propellant and additive free pure olive oil spray to make this project way easier. Roasting the vegetables here is key, and these two things help in perfectly cooking them, and making sure that this recipe doesn't keep you in the kitchen for hours.

The kale should be boiled first to soften it up a bit and remove a little bit of the oxalates that are in it. Make sure to pat it dry before you put it in the oven with the other veggies.

The jasmine rice will help bind the burgers together. You can buy it in microwaveable packages, or dry and cook it yourself. If you prefer to make your own and aren't sure how much water to put, err on the side of a bit of extra water, so the rice comes out a little sticky.


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